Summer jobs at Kielikoulu ELF!

Kielikoulu ELF is recruiting enthusiastic English speakers to work on our kids’ summer camps this summer! We have vacancies for two or three 15-18-year-olds who qualify for City of Turku’s summer job support. The job entails working as an assistant instructor on two five-day summer camps in Turku, helping the head instructors lead fun and educational children’s activities. Your help will also be needed in support duties including cooking, cleaning up and preparing materials for activities.

The weekly working hours are 30, so you will work a total of 60 hours over two weeks during the summer. Your daily working hours will be between 8am and 4pm, 7 hours per day on average. We have camps in June and early August. You will be paid 345 euros for your two week’s work. Contracts are available to applicants qualifying for the City of Turku’s summer job support. More information about the programme can be found here:

Kielikoulu ELF is a Turku-based children’s language school, teaching about 300 kids annually. Our summer camps are growing more popular every year, in 2018 we expect to run five day camps at full capacity. We will have 1-2 head instructors and 1-3 assistant instructors per camp, depending on group sizes. You can read more about our courses on our website:

If you are interested in working with us next summer, please send us your application in English via email to as soon as possible, and no later than April 15th. In your application please tell us about yourself, your education, hobbies, interests and any previous work experience. Please also mention which camps you would be available to work at. If you have any questions, you can reach us by email or phone 044 326 7677.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Winter Explorer

During the 2018 February half term break we hosted a holiday course called ”Winter Explorer”. This was a wintery detective course, with lots of different activities. Below you can read what two of our students and our assistant teacher had to say about the week!

Iida 7 years: I liked to play in and outside with all friends. It was nice to visit Taidemuseo also. Good food!

Liam 8 years: I liked that week. Hama beads are fun. I like that when we be in animal museum. There was a crocodile, an orangutan…. no! There is a one bear! Everyone get toy animal, I got spider! I learn some words, walkie talkie and fingerprint and foot print. We played memory game and I don’t remember what anymore. We do animal’s footprints. And played with box that is really funny! We have to find a hat! Food was good, I like the food. Really good friends.

Ruth, assistant teacher:

The Winter Explorer camp started on the 19th of February. Though, it was just for a week it was packed with loads of fun and exciting educational activities. The morning of Day 1 started with self introduction, familiarising ourselves with each other and also learning the rules of the camp. We learnt some educational songs but our favourite is the banana song. Next, the instructors quickly dived into action by introducing what I will call the ”winter base vocabulary” i.e vocabulary associated with winter. These vocabularies were introduced in various ways: for example done as a memory game or an acting out game. After this we went outside for the outdoor game for an 45mins-1h: sledding. We came back for lunch, had a little rest then faced the project for the day. This was fun for us because we had to match the animal footprints to the animals. We also made animal footprint with shaving foam which was a bit messy but we were all excited.

Day 2 was even more fun because our project for this day was pretending to be a police officer who is attending to his client. Then, each of us had our sheets which had the column to take the detail of our pairs and fingerprints. Note that the names of all the finger were learned and sang in the morning along side with the vocabularies games (vocabularies based on detective: a detective, flashlight, secret, a magnifying glass and so on). After then, we also used our fingerprint to make animals like ants, fox,butterfly.

Day 3 was also exciting for us because we visited the BIOLOGICAL MUSEUM! We got there in good time and we immediately moved into action by answering the activities sheet which we brought with us. We reminded ourselves once again about the names of the animals which we learnt during our morning, then answered the questions on our sheets based on what we saw at the museum. At the end, each of us went home with our favourite animal toy.

Day 4 was the most exciting and interesting because the project was a bit different from the normal one. It was a Mystery Challenge with Elina. It was an exciting time for us because we were not allowed to discuss what our group did with any other person that is not in our group. This mystery challenge was done in three groups, one group at a time tackled the challenge while the others played vocabulary games.

The last day was Friday, which was the grand finale and of course most of us wanted the camp to continue! We went sledding again after our songs and vocabulary games. And the project for that day was to pretend to be in the on going Olympic games and there was a sheet for us to fill out with our details: name, age , country, the of game you are involve in the Olympics. We also drew ourselves participating/performing that game. Everything done during this time from songs to projects, story time (reading a book), games were all educational and they are all professionally linked together. And I believe it should be a continuous programme to build confidence in the children to use English language fluently.



Life in England – October holiday

During the October half term holiday we had the pleasure of hosting yet another English Language Fun holiday course. We’ve lost count a while back, but my wild guess is that this was around the 25th or 30th holiday course we’ve ran. This year we had ten amazing and enthusiastic children enrolled, the youngest was only five and the oldest ten years old. All the teenagers apparently decided to sleep in during their days off, and who can blame them! We had two instructors, Elina (that’s me, the head teacher and manager of the language school) and Amanda, our new assistant leader who has been a part of the team since last summer’s summer courses.

The theme of the week was Life in England and we did our best to introduce as many aspects of that during the two days. Most importantly, we spoke English all the time. Even meal times and tellings off were done in English. Each day consisted of a lot of group games indoors and outdoors, like Simon Says or Duck, Duck, Goose, English camp songs, as well as vocabulary game sessions and informative group projects.


We got to know London through bulding a children’s puzzle map of London and doing colouring pages of famous London sights. One kid had been to London last summer and still had the photos on his phone, these were a real help in making the pictures as realistic as possible! We also studied the English currency, pounds and pennies. We used real coins to make crayon impressions on paper, these turned out pretty well.

During the ocabulary sessions we used a flash card set especially made for this course. Included were things such as the queen, the tube (London underground), baked beans, fish and chips, and tea. These cards were used in memory and bingo games as well as everyone’s favourite, hot seats! This is a game where emtions run high and everyone always does their best to act out or guess the words as well as they can.

The theme of the course was also present at meal times. On Thursday we had fish and chips, with peas, lemon, and ketchup. This was served in authentic(looking) newspaper wrappers. The kids absloutely loved it! On Friday we had baked beans with tuna mayo or baked beans. The younger participants, as well as our assistant leader, were suspicious of the beans. Kids in Finland just aren’t used to beans as much as kids in the UK! I told everyone how kids in England think beans are the best thing ever and surprise, surprise, nearly everyone loved them once they’d had a taste! I had to run back to the kitchen to heat up beans more than once. After lunch everyone got given a recipe written in English as well as the necessary ingredients and they got to make their own trifles. Yum, yum, yum!

The course was a short one compared to the summer and February ones, but we still managed to do lots and have great fun. On Friday I asked everyone what was the best thing about the course, here’s some of their answers:

S 8 years: The best thing was monkey football, its fun because someone always goes out the game!

H 7 years: Lego, because you can build with it cool things and you can save them.

G 7 years: Mr Wolf was the best thing because it’s so fun when you say what time is it and they say three a clock or food time!! And I like the lego too! And monkey football.

I 10 years: Monkey football and food, I don’t know why.

T 10 years: Outside and monkey football.

J 7 years: Monkey footall.

O 8 years: The project groups, drawing and the london puzzle. I dont know why.
Amanda (our instructor): I think the London puzzle and project, it was good teamwork! The food was also very good!!
A huge thank you to everyone who took part, our amazing instructor Amanda and for the City of Turku for providing us with the club room for the course.
Lots love, ELF-Elina

Week of Art

August 7th started our last week of ELF English camps. This week was ART WEEK and we sure did a bunch of artsy and fun things! Every day we began by warming up our camp song voices – of course we sang the good old Banana song, Early in the morning and Beaver song. Amazingly the kids never get tired of them!

In the mornings we also played fun games that either involved mega-fast reflexes (in SPLAT and HEAD IT, CATCH IT), secret spy/FBI-agent qualities (in WINK MURDERER) or impressive teamwork skills and arm strength (in TOFFEE). As a young instructor these morning games have been very entertaining!

After the morning games we split the kids into two groups. My group (Amanda’s) started with the easier words and Suvi’s more advanced group with the more demanding words. During the week the words got harder and the kids got smarter! They always happen to surprise me with their super fast brains!

Of course my personal favourite time of the day was LUNCHTIME! Every day a delicious meal and snacks were served… but I must say Friday won the price – hot dogs, popcorn, crisps and marshmallows followed by fun musical games. WHAT A PARTY!

After our tummies were filled and our energy levels were sky high it was time for the daily art projects. The first day we made two huge paintings that required everyones artistic input. While one team was painting the other team was running around on the amazing Mukkelis Makkelis playtrack. Very fun!

The next day we went on a quick trip outdoors hunting after rocks that would make the perfect little creatures. Ladybugs and glitterbombs were the most popular! On Wednesday it got a bit messier. We made windbells out of molding material that we then left to dry and decorated on the last day.

Thursday was of course the MUSEUM DAY! The museum was very interesting and everyone behaved beautifully.

But of course everyone’s absolute favourite thing on this week was making new friends!

All in all I can say on the behalf of the instructors Suvi, Elina and me, that Week of Art was a successful and super fun experience.

Thank you to everyone and hope to see you next summer!


By Amanda, summer worker at ELF camps

Around the World – day five

Friday 4th August

In the morning we had free time: we played games and did crafts, then we started in the morning circle. We sang songs, Tarzan, Beaver, and Early in the Morning. We also sang Alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic – and learnt what all the words mean! Then we played fruit salad with Around the World –words, everyone was either England, America or Australia.

Then we went into our small groups. We played bingo and hot seats. In hot seats each team has a chair and someone sits there. The others act out and explain words from the vocabulary cards and the person in the chair has to guess.

After the small groups we had lunch. We had hot dogs with chicken sausages, and popcorn and crisps in celebration of the “course ending! Finally freedom!” says Emilia. “Remember to add that it was a joke” she adds.

Then we played dancing games in the hall and after that we split again. Half the group did a project on Australian animals and the others climbed on the climbing wall. Then we switched. At the end we all got our certificates. This week was fun and we learnt lots of things about English speaking countries.

By Hager 7, Nea 8 and Emilia 14.

Around the World – day four

Thursday 3rd August

Today we eat mashed potatoes and chicken meatballs. We sing lot of songs. We play one two three, look! We play Wink murderer.

We play head it catch it. We learn things from Australia. Yesterday we played that we were in the Wild West. We were throwing peabags. We played sheriffs.

We try build teepee. We didn’t manage to do it. We played monkey football outdoors.We played board games. We played color game. We have free time and we played football inside the hall.

By Oliver 8v and Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 12v

Around the World – day three

Wednesday 2nd August

In the morning wi play games and sing songs our fawority song early in the morning .

Wi also play headit catchit.

Then wi play memory game and bingo. Wi played hot seats, “it’s so funny game and I like it” says Abdulrahman. Everyone won the game, both teams got four points!

We hav eat makaroonilattikko,in English macaroni it was so good. There wi drink juise and water.

Ai äm and my friends did project where wi cnov hu everyvan is Mikael jakson and

Barak Obama.

Outside wi played games. Wi liked parachute,fruit salled  guess what I am.

Sisu says besthing was games  and Abdulrahmas says head it catch it.


By Sisu 8 and Abdulrahman 10.

Around the World – day two

Tuesday August 2nd

As yesterday, we all started to arrive Tarmon Talo at around ten o`clock. Quickly Elina started a photograph session with half of the group in the hall. The other half stayed in the main room and played together.

The project of the day today was a story of how British people moved to America by a ship called Mayflower. We also heard a lot of interesting facts about the trip.

We then went outside and split again. The other half stayed in the yard playing regular games. The other group went to a yard nearby to play and get some pictures taken.

After coming back, we ate lunch, spinach pancakes.

Then we had a little free time before splitting up again and starting to play some games.

Written by: Miral 13 and Emilia 14


Around the World – day one

Monday 31st July

The course day started at 10.00. We all arrived to Tarmon Talo in the morning.

First we played some name games and other games, and after that we sang a few songs. We then split into two groups to play some vocabulary games and dive further into the subject.

For lunch we had pasta and tomato sauce, we managed to eat all of it. 🙂

After eating, we got outside and payed games like Splat, Mister Wolf and Dodgeball. The day`s project was to learn about the six wives of Henry VIII.

All the hints lead to us figuring out a poem.

  1. Divorced
  2. Beheaded
  3. Died
  4. Divorced
  5. Beheaded
  6. Survived

After all that, the part timers left at 2 pm and full timers continued their plays.

Written by: Miral 13 and Emilia 14

Outer Space – day five

Friday June 16th

In the morning we sang all of our favourite songs like the Animal song, Early in the morning, Tarzan, the Banana song and the Pirate song. They are super fun! After the songs we played a game called Wink Murderer and a game called Simon Says.

Then we split into our groups and practiced space-related words.

After we had our vocabulary exercises it was time to eat! We ate HOT DOGS and carrots.

As it was our last day we had a course party where we played dancing games and ate popcorn, marshmallows, crisps and cookies.  We also got balloon animals and face painting.

Then we went to the park. We split into three groups and played sitting-down, running and parachute games. The Duck, duck goose and the Cat & Mouse games were the best!

It was a very fun day!

Safia 8, Hager 7, Emmi 7 and Amanda 15