Scotland trip – post three

On Saturday we were in Edinburgh! Before getting on the train we went to a Beatrix Potter garden and shop in Birnam. The main house of our campsite used to be her summer house!

We went to a Harry Potter escape room. We had to release the dark lord. We did that by collecting clues, doing different tasks and then got objects that were needed for the spell. We did well, we finished with one second left. It was fun and at the same time a bit scary.

We also went shopping! We bought T-shirts, Harry Potter merch, Star Wars, manga, and stuff like that in merch shops. Then we went to eat some pizza and pasta.

On the way back we lost one bag of shopping with six T-shirts inside! (Luckily, we got it back later!)

After the trip most of us changed groups, we became “indies”. It means we are in groups with only the British children and being looked after by the centre staff! It’s been fine but at first it was a a bit (not just a bit but reeeally) annoying to be watched all the time. Last week was more free! Our roommates were really talkative, but funny and kind and that kind of stuff.

This week we didn’t have English lessons, only activities. We have done a lot of rope activities, like zip wire, vertical challenge, giant swing, climbing and abseiling. We’ve also canoeing, archery, sensory trail, nature train, quad bikes. Giant swing and canoeing were the best!

The weather was BAD, two days it was really hot but otherwise rainy and cloudy.

We all think that the first week was best, but the second week was good too! During the first week we loved the brilliant weather, good talks, and the international people!

The people were the best part (I’m gonna cry!), new friends, activities and getting more brave at speaking English and learning more English overall! And, and, and breakfast!!

We want to come again next summer!

By J nearly 13, I 11 and S 11 years old

Scotland trip – post two


On Tuesday we went on the Harry Potter train, something we had all been looking forward to! The day started with us going in a minibus for a reaaaaally long time. Then we had a stop at Glenfinnan, to see a monument.

We climbed up the monument, it was nice and view was good! We also saw the bridge from Harry Potter films. We had a picnic near the bridge. We ate sandwiches and crisps. We had prawn cocktail and salt and vinegar!! Some of us liked salt and vinegar, the others didn’t. Not everyone liked the prawn cocktail either. Then we visited the shop. They sold all sorts of Harry Potter things. We bought some drinks and souvenirs, for example a Voldemort’s wand that was a pen.

Then we drove to Malaig, where we got on a steam train. It was exciting and excellent! There was even a trolley lady like in the films, saying “Anything from the trolley?”. Unfortunately they were out of chocolate frogs, but we bought some Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans. Some of them were a bit bleugh!

We loved being on the train and took lots of photos! Especially going over the Harry Potter bridge was exciting. The day finished with a bus ride back to camp, that was sooo long, all the way from Fort William! We had to many stops for weewee on the way!

By L 8 years and S 13 years


On Wednesday we had activities. For example Zip wire and Challenge course. “First we waited a second and they showed how the ropes go, then I said I wanna be first and then the man clipped the ropes. Then he asked be some questions, like where I’m from. Then he counted one, two three and pushed me so that I flew to the other side on the wire” S says. “I saw everything and the wind was in my face”.

On challenge course first we went through the obstacles and tour leader helped us. Then everybody got to go though them by themselves. Then we had a competition of how many times you can go through the obstacles in 10 minutes. The best was four and a half, by one of our group! Then we got split into pairs and one of got blindfolded and the other person got a glass of water to hold. In the end the pair with the least water in their cup had everyone else’s water thrown on them! It soon changed into a water fight!!

In class we continued working on our projects.

In the evening we had a Scotland night special activity with different clans. For dinner we also got to try special Scottish food, haggis, neeps and tatties. We all tasted it but most of us thought it was too peppery!

By S 11 years


On Thursday we went on an excursion to Blair Athol. We took a bus there and it wasn’t too far. It is an old castle with a lot of history! We were first told a little bit about it and then we got to walk through the castle and the grounds.

There were all sorts of interesting things inside, lots of weapons and also a stuffed polar bear! In the grounds there were deer and beautiful gardens. We also visited the gift shop and bought a few souvenirs.

In the evening most of us were too tired to take part in the evening activity so we got a chill out and watch a Harry Potter film instead. It was the Chamber of Secrets, so we saw the bridge that we had visited the day before.

By Elina (the leader, because all the kids were busy getting ready for disco night!)

Scotland trip – post one


On Saturday we woke up so early that we were really tired! We had to be at the airport at 6am! Some people came from Turku by car in the night and others were at an airport hotel. We were feeling excited and tired! The flight went well, we slept and were reading books.

When we arrived in Scotland we went to the toilet! We also bought some snacks, for example crisps, bread, juice and fruit. Then we went to see the big Edinburgh sign and took a photo in front of it!

Then we went to the minibus and got here!

We had some activities, ball games and orienteering. They were fun and we liked them! Our instructor was Kat, she was funny and friendly.

We had jacket potatoes for lunch, and rice and sauce too!

We also met our groupies, Kristen, Maggie and Sam. Some of us noticed how Sam has nice legs! He should wear a skirt (or at least a kilt)!

In the evening we watched the movie Brave. It’s about a Scottish princess who doesn’t want to marry a boy but she wants to be by herself and at the beginning she didn’t like her mum but then she turned her into a bear and in the end she turned her back into a human!

We ended up being awake for 19 hours! We have a room with a French girl, she is lovely and very kind. In the same building there are also German, Italian and Chinese kids.


On Sunday we had archery. It was a very good activity, really fun! We did a game, where you got different points for different colours on the target, you even got some points if you missed the target! It was fun and easy, but we would’ve liked more shots!

We also had our first rope activities. In Catwalk you climb up into a tree and there’s a log between two trees up in the air and you walk and balance on it. It was scary, but easy. Nearly everyone did it but not everyone.

We had our English tests on Sunday too. We though they were easy, there was a part with answering questions (an interview about yourself) and a writing task. You had to write about your country, family and what you like.

In the evening we had Passport to the World, which was fun but exhausting! We had to orienteer to a place that was marked in the map and answer questions about a country there. For example “What’s the national animal of India?” and “What is a special instrument from Scotland?”.


On Monday we got placed into our activity groups. Nearly all of us were in different groups. There were mostly Chinese people in our groups and some Italians and Germans. Some of them were a different age than us, but they are fine!

In the English class we talked about climate change in one group, and listened to bird calls in another and the most advanced class we had a debate about modern technology. But we mostly talked about ourselves! We also started our projects, which are about things like Chinese food, Finland, sports, or Aboriginals.

We had activities, like vertical challenge, zip wire and problem solving. Vertical challenge is an activity where we climb up doing different challenges. It was fun, we liked it and some of us where fast too! Coming down was the hardest but also the best!

In the evening we had a quiz show. The Disney part was the best! We also like the music part. Tia was the best instructor, she was yelling the answers! She is so nice and funny and clever and sarcastic!

By I 11 years, S 11 years, J 13 years, and K 7 years


Espanjankurssi ¡Hablamos español!

¡Ésta ha sido la primera semana de Español!

Empesamos las mañanas cantando y jugando en Español. Nuestras canciones favoritas han sido Barquito de papel y Chu chu wa. Asesino de ojos y Cubo musical eran los juegos más divertidos.

Hemos aprendido muchas palabras de verano y de vacaciones. Son muy practicas para usar en paises hispanohablantes.

Cada día tuvimos un projecto. El projecto más grande era PICO, ¡nuestra piñata!!

Kuvaesitys vaatii JavaScriptin.

También hemos bailado Flamenco, hecho figuritas de plastilina y cocinado tortillas.

¡Lo más divertido era hacer y romper PICO! También nos encanto bailar y cantar con las instructoras.

School of Magic II – Days four and five

On Thursday morning we sang songs, early in the morning, animal song, and the penguin song. Early in the morning is the best song! They were fun but a bit embarrassing…  We played Uno and also did wink murders.

After that we split into group Phoenix and Eagle Cats. In our groups we did vocabulary. We did memory game, bingo and memory bingo! We had new words to learn in our group, they were cauldron, unicorn, dragon, castle, witch, wizard, castle, magic wand, and robes. They were a bit more difficult than the ones we had earlier.

For lunch we had meatballs and mashed potatoes, with lingonberry jab. It was good!

For the project we made a play. It was about Hermione and Hagrid messing up a spell so one of us turned into Yoda and one of us turned into a donkey and one of us was petrified.

On the last day, Friday, we started the morning with dancing! We played Uno again and had some free time. Then everybody went into a big circle, including the Spanish group. And we played games all together. For example musical buckets!

After the morning circle we split into our small groups and played vocabulary games. We did memorybingo and hot seats. In that we have to act out a word to our team member and one of us has to guess and the first one to guess gets the point.

For lunch we had hot dogs and ketchup. They were good!

Then we had a box challenge, where we tried to open boxes. There was hints which helped us open the number locks and direction locks. In the last box there was candies and other treats. It was fun because we were the fastest! But maybe it could have been even a bit more challenging!

After that some of us tried the bottle challenge. It’s from Harry Potter one, where Harry Potter almost kills Voldemort! It was about when he goes through the trap door and there he has to go through a bottle challenge to get to the room where they have the philosophers stone. In our challenge we had seven bottles, in three of them there was poison (not for real!), two were nettle wine, one would take you forward and one would take you back. With teamwork we solved it!

Then we ate all our candies and cookies and had some time for disco and dancing!

We also got our certificates.

This week was fun, because we made lots of friends and because the teachers were silly (They sang Let it go!) 😀

It was also fun because we learn new words in English and we got to do a bunch of fun projects!

By S 11 years, J 11 years and V almost 8 years

School of Magic II – Days Two and Three

On Tuesday we played games, for example wink murder. It’s a nice game. We also played whispers, where we have to pass on a secret sentence and see how it turns out. We had a short morning circle and then headed out to collect twigs and branches that we later turned into wands and broomsticks.

After finishing the project we went outside to have a little photo shoot with all the magical equipment we made. The pictures turned out super good!

After that the part timers left and full timers continued with some board games and an afternoon snack.


On Wednesday we played the same games as Tuesday, because everyone wanted them! We sang early in the morning, which is quite hard. During free time we were making new friends.

The project was fimo clay, we made broomsticks and other magical things.
For lunch we had spinach pancakes, with jam cottage cheese, and cucumber.
We went outside just before the part timers left, we played with the parachute. Cat and mouse and fruit salad! We also did head it catch it.

It was a good day, espacially because we got new friends!

By T 12 years and V 9 years

School of Magic II – Day One

We started by making a circle and singing a few songs. One was about animals, and then the penguin song and early in the morning. Our favourites were the penguin song and the animal song.

Then we had the sorting ceremony. We three got put in house one, named Phoenix.  We thought it was really fun and we were quite excited. The hat was funny but weird!

Then we first identified a bunch of cards and then we used them to play memory game and to act out the cards. We sang the booger song and whoever got the snot had to act a card out. There was phoenix, armour, magic potion, magical creatures, centaur and broom stick in the cards. Then we put them in a circle and we walked around and we sang a song and when the song stopped we stopped at a card and the teacher chose a card and who was standing at that card got the card!

Then it was time to eat, we had macaroni and tomato sauce. We thought the food was awesome and one of us thought it was okay!

In the project we had lots of characters from magical films and we had to match pictures to names and facts. It was quite easy, we knew the answer before the teacher had finished reading the fact!

Then we went outside and we played splat, monkey football, duck, duck, goose and head it catch it.

We had bread, with cheese, ham, cucumber and fruit for snack and then we had some free time. At the end we played bingo.

It was an amazing day, really good. The sorting hat was the best thing! And the songs and dances too! Everything was really fun, even though we ended up totally out of breath!

By E 9, V nearly 8, and E 10

Week of Sport

This week our theme was sport, which we jumped into with 26 kids and four
instructors. We learned sport-related vocabulary in three small groups through
vocabulary games such as Down in the jungle and Bingo. We also sang a lot of
songs, ”The Beaver Song” being everyone´s favourite.


On Monday we had taekwondo in the park, led by a taekwondo teacher. We all
enjoyed the nice, warm weather and fun activity. For lunch we had spinach
pancakes and jam.

For Tuesday´s project we had frisbeegolf in the park. The kids did super well
and seemed to enjoy both, the frisbeegolf and also the outdoor games at the
playground. For lunch we had pyttipannu.

Wednesday was a day for pasta and veggie sauce, which was really loved
among all of us! The project of the day was croquet.

On Thursday we had meatballs and mashed potatoes for everyone. As our
project we had a dancing lesson where kids got to learn a little choreography
and compete against each other on who could stay balanced for the longest
while only standing on one leg.

On Friday, the last day of the week, we did not have a vocabulary session at all.
Instead, we played music games such as ”Music bucket” and ”Musical statues”.
The project of the day was led by one of our instructors and it included some
football and running tasks. For lunch we had hot dogs, we got to eat as many as we

The week of sport was a week packed with energy and nice, fun things to
discover. The kids did very well and never failed to surprise us instructors with
their almost flaming energy, great ideas and positive feelings. What a week for
all of us!

By Assistant instructor Emilia

Summer Circus – Days Four and Five

On Thursday we continued playing the circus vocabulary games and other games. Especially a game called ”What’s the time Mr. Wolf” was very popular among the children. We ate meatballs with mashed potatoes for lunch.

Our project of the day consisted of two activity points: face painting and magician’s balloons. Kids painted each others faces with help of teachers in the first activity point. Painted pictures were everything from beautiful ladybirds to amazing superhero masks.

In the second point they formed animals, like snakes and dogs, from magician balloons.

Friday was probably the highlight of the week. Kids visited the Circus School which they really loved and they got to eat hot dogs for lunch. Yum! There was also popcorn to snack on. Before kids started heading home (with a smile on their face) they got their well deserved camp certificates.

Overall, the week went by very fast and we all had fun. Kids learned new games, songs and lots of new words in English. Kids (and us, teachers) got to hang out with new people, in a new environment, which is always a nice change to regular everyday life.

The Circus Summer Camp was held in Mukkelis Makkelis, which is as a super nice and entertaining place for children. There are gymnast’s rings, a foam pit, a trapeze and wall bars, that the children couldn’t keep their hands off…

The nice weather and the great location of Mukkelis Makkelis allowed us to also play games outside in the park every day.

By Assistant Instructor Sofie

Summer Circus – Days Two and Three

On Tuesday we started with morning songs, the banana song for example! We also did Early in the Morning, it’s about a bird who sings in the morning. We sang the Animal Song too, it tells about a crocodile, an eagle, a fox, a beaver, an orangutan, and a rabbit.

We did head it, catch it and wink murders. Our favourite is the wink murder and splat!

We ate vegetable soup and cottage cheese.

For the project we made lions, elephants and clown collars. We made the lion from a paper plate, which we coloured yellow and drew a lion’s face on it. The mane was made from coloured paper bits, which we glued on in every direction.

During story time Amanda read to us the book Snail and the Whale, in it a snail travels on a whale!

On Wednesday (that’s today) we started the morning again with songs, the pirate song, Tarzan and early in the morning. Most of us think early in the morning is the best one of these!

Some of us started learning new words in the vocabulary groups, and others kept practicing the old ones still. In the older kids’ group we played Hot Seats, and in the others for example bingo and musical bumps with cards.

Today’s project was a Circus Quiz. In that we had to answer some questions by choosing one of three answers. It was easy!

We ate pyttipannu today, but we don’t know what that is in English!

In the park we played with the colourful parachute and did splat! We also played cat and mouse with the parachute. We had some free time in the play park. Then we wrote the blog!

By: E 9, L 9, H 7, I 7 and A 8