School of Magic – day one

Kesän englanninkurssit ovat käynnistyneet ja nyt on menossa velhomaailmateemainen School of Magic -kurssi. Kurssilaiset kirjoittavat päivittäin kuulumisia blogiin – englanniksi tietenkin. Enjoy!

Monday June 5th

This morning we played games and sang songs. We like the banana song.

Some people ate breakfast. And we got to know each other.

After that we got sorted in our groups with the sorting hat.

Then all of the groups started their own activities. The oldest group (Pixiecorns) had the most difficult words. We played a memory game, bingo and “What’s missing game”. It’s a good way of learning. The younger groups (Sparkle team, Super Hogwarts) had easier words, but the same games.

After that we all ate lunch and sang more songs and played more games. Then we started the group projects.

The group project was about magical creatures, wizards and princesses. There was a description, picture and the name of the character. We cut the pictures and glued them next to the description. The younger kids also decorated the posters.

After the project making, we played word games. The part-timers went home and the rest had some free time before snack.

The snack was bread, ham, cucumbers, tomato, cheese and apples. And of course you could choose between juice and water.

Then some of us wrote this blog and the rest played games with Elina and Suvi. All in all this day was great!


By Julia 11, Julia 11, Meri 11 and Lotte 12