School of Magic – day two

Tuesday June 6th

On Tuesday we were at Tyttöjen talo. At Tyttöjen talo we had plenty of space. We started with circle like always and sang song. We sang beaver song, early in the morning and the penguin song. And played Simon says, it is like kapteeni käskee.

We broke up into the small groups and we played vocabulary games. We played memory bingo which is a memory game with bingo boards. It was quite easy. We played also beat the leader which is a game where you have to repeat words but realise when the leader is trying to trick you. Most of the words the Pixiecorns had were easy but resurrection was the hardest.

The project of Tuesday was to make badges. We made them with felt.

Then as the lunch time we had spinach pancakes and vegetables. It was good.

We left to the park. First we played all together What’s the time Mister Wolf? Then we played outdoor games in two small groups. With Elina we played Down in the jungle. It is a bit like läpsy but we sing about a gorilla and when the song ends and you get the snot you have to act out a word. Then we played different games with the parachute. And then the part timers left home and the others stayed in the park a bit longer.

By Julie 12 years and Fanny 12 years