School of Magic – day three

Wednesday June 7th

Today we are in Vimma. In the morning we sang songs and played games, like Simon says and 1, 2, 3 look, indoors. Our favorite song is Beaver song. In our small groups, Super Hogwarts and Sparkle Team had vocabulary games and Pixiecorns had Harry Potter games. The Harry Potter game was really fun.

For project we made magic wands. We used twigs to make them and decorated them with golden string and sparkly stickers. They came out sparkly.

For lunch we had meatballs and mash potato with some cucumber.

We left for the park and some children had their School of Magic school photos taken.

We played some outdoor games and had free time. Then the part timers left and the others stayed in the park for a little bit longer.

By Julie 12 years and Sisu 8 years