School of Magic – day four

Thursday June 8th

In the morning we played musical body parts and 1, 2, 3 look. We sang some camp songs. Our favorite songs are Penguin and Early in the morning.

We divided into small groups and played vocabulary games. Pixiecorns played Harry Potter games. Super Hogwarts played fruit salad with magic words. It is our favorite game.

We had lunch. We ate macaroni bake. Fish-vegetarians had salmon bake. As side we had sweet corn. It was good.

We had the project. Older kids had spells with Elina. And the smaller kids had magic tricks with Amanda and Suvi.

After the project we left for the park. In the park we played rock, paper, scissors. We divided into two groups. With Elina we had Riddles and brain teasers. With Suvi and Amanda we played scavenger hunt, where we had to find different things on the list. The part timers left at two and the rest had some free time in the park.

After free time we had snack. Some of us drew and some played board games like Halli klack.

By Julie 12 years, Kerttu 8 years and Veera 8 years.