Outer Space – day one

Monday June 12th

Today is the first day of our camp. We started the morning with name games, where we threw the ball and said our names. We also played the curtain game, where two people sit either sides of the curtain and when the curtain is dropped, people shout each other’s names. Next thing we did, was singing songs, like the banana song and the animal song. We found the banana song funny and weird.

We divided into small groups and played vocabulary games. Our group played space themed bingo and memory game. We also played a slap game with a song about a gorilla picking his nose.

Then we ate pasta for lunch and we drank strawberry juice. Food was good and there was a lot to choose from. It was quite peaceful, even though there was like 20 of us.

After lunch we had a little free time and then we divided to small groups, where we played Guess what I Am and the whispering game.

Then we were all together again and sang some songs. After that, we started our projects in two groups, which were called Shooting Star Vaders and Rocket Lightning. Then the part-timers (the writers of this blog) went home and the rest of us spent two more hours here.

By Kira 15 and Sofie 10