Outer Space – day three

Wednesday June 14th

On Wednesday morning we played games and sang songs with Amanda and Suvi. We played wink murderer, where you put your heads down, someone gets a cross drawn on their back and they are the murdered. The murdered then winks at people and they die. Everyone has to try and guess who the murderer is. We also sang the banana song. We think it’s a funny song, it is our favourite. We also did the beaver song, it is funny, especially when we do the “go beavers, go, go, go beavers”-part. Then we sang the pirate song!

In our small groups we started learning new words, Rocket Lightning got the set two and Shooting Star Waders the set one. We found the words in set two quite difficult, especially “solar system”. We played memory game and bingo. Bingo is our favourite, because you need to be so fast and we are really good at it!

For our project, we broke up into our small groups again. Rocket Lightning learnt about rocket parts and space suit parts. We then made big posters of a rocket and a space suit. Noora made knobs and dials for the rocket and Veikko made feet for the space suit. He also made an alien dog for the astronaut! The Shooting Star Waders made a timeline of space travel.

For lunch we had macaroni bake and ketchup, it was good. We also had cucumber and sweetcorn.

Then we went to the park, because finally it was a sunny day. We played What’s the time Mr Wolf in the park. We also played fruit salad, where everyone was a different fruit, apple, banana or orange. We played something like “pikipata”, but it was different, there was no stick but you go around saying duck, duck, goose.

When we got back the lift was behaving funny, it only went one floor at a time and the doors opened at every floor. Maybe someone had played a trick on us and pushed the button at every floor!

Then we went home!

By Veikko 7, Noora 7 and a little help from Elina 31