Outer Space – day five

Friday June 16th

In the morning we sang all of our favourite songs like the Animal song, Early in the morning, Tarzan, the Banana song and the Pirate song. They are super fun! After the songs we played a game called Wink Murderer and a game called Simon Says.

Then we split into our groups and practiced space-related words.

After we had our vocabulary exercises it was time to eat! We ate HOT DOGS and carrots.

As it was our last day we had a course party where we played dancing games and ate popcorn, marshmallows, crisps and cookies.  We also got balloon animals and face painting.

Then we went to the park. We split into three groups and played sitting-down, running and parachute games. The Duck, duck goose and the Cat & Mouse games were the best!

It was a very fun day!

Safia 8, Hager 7, Emmi 7 and Amanda 15