Outer Space – day four

Thursday 15th June

In the morning we sing the beaver and the banana song and play the wink murder. Breakfast was very good.

Then we split up in two groups and we play down in the jungle. Then we play space domino. Then we play the whispering game.

Then we eat meatballs and potato mash. It was very good. Jooa eat lots of meatballs and Riku eat too much peas! He feel sick a little bit.

Then we go to the park. First we have solar system project. We have to draw the solar system in ground.

Then we play duck, duck, goose and head it and catch it. Our favourite game was duck, duck, goose. We also have free time in the park and we are swinging in swings.

Then we go to the Vimma and we eat snack. We eat bread and bananas and apples.

First we play some board games and then we have story time. We read the Gruffalo’s Child and You Can’t take an Elephant on the Bus. We like the Gruffalo’s Child the most!

Then we go home!

By Riku 11 and Jooa 10