Around the World – day one

Monday 31st July

The course day started at 10.00. We all arrived to Tarmon Talo in the morning.

First we played some name games and other games, and after that we sang a few songs. We then split into two groups to play some vocabulary games and dive further into the subject.

For lunch we had pasta and tomato sauce, we managed to eat all of it. 🙂

After eating, we got outside and payed games like Splat, Mister Wolf and Dodgeball. The day`s project was to learn about the six wives of Henry VIII.

All the hints lead to us figuring out a poem.

  1. Divorced
  2. Beheaded
  3. Died
  4. Divorced
  5. Beheaded
  6. Survived

After all that, the part timers left at 2 pm and full timers continued their plays.

Written by: Miral 13 and Emilia 14