Around the World – day three

Wednesday 2nd August

In the morning wi play games and sing songs our fawority song early in the morning .

Wi also play headit catchit.

Then wi play memory game and bingo. Wi played hot seats, “it’s so funny game and I like it” says Abdulrahman. Everyone won the game, both teams got four points!

We hav eat makaroonilattikko,in English macaroni it was so good. There wi drink juise and water.

Ai äm and my friends did project where wi cnov hu everyvan is Mikael jakson and

Barak Obama.

Outside wi played games. Wi liked parachute,fruit salled  guess what I am.

Sisu says besthing was games  and Abdulrahmas says head it catch it.


By Sisu 8 and Abdulrahman 10.