Around the World – day five

Friday 4th August

In the morning we had free time: we played games and did crafts, then we started in the morning circle. We sang songs, Tarzan, Beaver, and Early in the Morning. We also sang Alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic – and learnt what all the words mean! Then we played fruit salad with Around the World –words, everyone was either England, America or Australia.

Then we went into our small groups. We played bingo and hot seats. In hot seats each team has a chair and someone sits there. The others act out and explain words from the vocabulary cards and the person in the chair has to guess.

After the small groups we had lunch. We had hot dogs with chicken sausages, and popcorn and crisps in celebration of the “course ending! Finally freedom!” says Emilia. “Remember to add that it was a joke” she adds.

Then we played dancing games in the hall and after that we split again. Half the group did a project on Australian animals and the others climbed on the climbing wall. Then we switched. At the end we all got our certificates. This week was fun and we learnt lots of things about English speaking countries.

By Hager 7, Nea 8 and Emilia 14.