Week of Art

August 7th started our last week of ELF English camps. This week was ART WEEK and we sure did a bunch of artsy and fun things! Every day we began by warming up our camp song voices – of course we sang the good old Banana song, Early in the morning and Beaver song. Amazingly the kids never get tired of them!

In the mornings we also played fun games that either involved mega-fast reflexes (in SPLAT and HEAD IT, CATCH IT), secret spy/FBI-agent qualities (in WINK MURDERER) or impressive teamwork skills and arm strength (in TOFFEE). As a young instructor these morning games have been very entertaining!

After the morning games we split the kids into two groups. My group (Amanda’s) started with the easier words and Suvi’s more advanced group with the more demanding words. During the week the words got harder and the kids got smarter! They always happen to surprise me with their super fast brains!

Of course my personal favourite time of the day was LUNCHTIME! Every day a delicious meal and snacks were served… but I must say Friday won the price – hot dogs, popcorn, crisps and marshmallows followed by fun musical games. WHAT A PARTY!

After our tummies were filled and our energy levels were sky high it was time for the daily art projects. The first day we made two huge paintings that required everyones artistic input. While one team was painting the other team was running around on the amazing Mukkelis Makkelis playtrack. Very fun!

The next day we went on a quick trip outdoors hunting after rocks that would make the perfect little creatures. Ladybugs and glitterbombs were the most popular! On Wednesday it got a bit messier. We made windbells out of molding material that we then left to dry and decorated on the last day.

Thursday was of course the MUSEUM DAY! The museum was very interesting and everyone behaved beautifully.

But of course everyone’s absolute favourite thing on this week was making new friends!

All in all I can say on the behalf of the instructors Suvi, Elina and me, that Week of Art was a successful and super fun experience.

Thank you to everyone and hope to see you next summer!


By Amanda, summer worker at ELF camps