Life in England – October holiday

During the October half term holiday we had the pleasure of hosting yet another English Language Fun holiday course. We’ve lost count a while back, but my wild guess is that this was around the 25th or 30th holiday course we’ve ran. This year we had ten amazing and enthusiastic children enrolled, the youngest was only five and the oldest ten years old. All the teenagers apparently decided to sleep in during their days off, and who can blame them! We had two instructors, Elina (that’s me, the head teacher and manager of the language school) and Amanda, our new assistant leader who has been a part of the team since last summer’s summer courses.

The theme of the week was Life in England and we did our best to introduce as many aspects of that during the two days. Most importantly, we spoke English all the time. Even meal times and tellings off were done in English. Each day consisted of a lot of group games indoors and outdoors, like Simon Says or Duck, Duck, Goose, English camp songs, as well as vocabulary game sessions and informative group projects.


We got to know London through bulding a children’s puzzle map of London and doing colouring pages of famous London sights. One kid had been to London last summer and still had the photos on his phone, these were a real help in making the pictures as realistic as possible! We also studied the English currency, pounds and pennies. We used real coins to make crayon impressions on paper, these turned out pretty well.

During the ocabulary sessions we used a flash card set especially made for this course. Included were things such as the queen, the tube (London underground), baked beans, fish and chips, and tea. These cards were used in memory and bingo games as well as everyone’s favourite, hot seats! This is a game where emtions run high and everyone always does their best to act out or guess the words as well as they can.

The theme of the course was also present at meal times. On Thursday we had fish and chips, with peas, lemon, and ketchup. This was served in authentic(looking) newspaper wrappers. The kids absloutely loved it! On Friday we had baked beans with tuna mayo or baked beans. The younger participants, as well as our assistant leader, were suspicious of the beans. Kids in Finland just aren’t used to beans as much as kids in the UK! I told everyone how kids in England think beans are the best thing ever and surprise, surprise, nearly everyone loved them once they’d had a taste! I had to run back to the kitchen to heat up beans more than once. After lunch everyone got given a recipe written in English as well as the necessary ingredients and they got to make their own trifles. Yum, yum, yum!

The course was a short one compared to the summer and February ones, but we still managed to do lots and have great fun. On Friday I asked everyone what was the best thing about the course, here’s some of their answers:

S 8 years: The best thing was monkey football, its fun because someone always goes out the game!

H 7 years: Lego, because you can build with it cool things and you can save them.

G 7 years: Mr Wolf was the best thing because it’s so fun when you say what time is it and they say three a clock or food time!! And I like the lego too! And monkey football.

I 10 years: Monkey football and food, I don’t know why.

T 10 years: Outside and monkey football.

J 7 years: Monkey footall.

O 8 years: The project groups, drawing and the london puzzle. I dont know why.
Amanda (our instructor): I think the London puzzle and project, it was good teamwork! The food was also very good!!
A huge thank you to everyone who took part, our amazing instructor Amanda and for the City of Turku for providing us with the club room for the course.
Lots love, ELF-Elina