Winter Explorer

During the 2018 February half term break we hosted a holiday course called “Winter Explorer”. This was a wintery detective course, with lots of different activities. Below you can read what two of our students and our assistant teacher had to say about the week!

Iida 7 years: I liked to play in and outside with all friends. It was nice to visit Taidemuseo also. Good food!

Liam 8 years: I liked that week. Hama beads are fun. I like that when we be in animal museum. There was a crocodile, an orangutan…. no! There is a one bear! Everyone get toy animal, I got spider! I learn some words, walkie talkie and fingerprint and foot print. We played memory game and I don’t remember what anymore. We do animal’s footprints. And played with box that is really funny! We have to find a hat! Food was good, I like the food. Really good friends.

Ruth, assistant teacher:

The Winter Explorer camp started on the 19th of February. Though, it was just for a week it was packed with loads of fun and exciting educational activities. The morning of Day 1 started with self introduction, familiarising ourselves with each other and also learning the rules of the camp. We learnt some educational songs but our favourite is the banana song. Next, the instructors quickly dived into action by introducing what I will call the “winter base vocabulary” i.e vocabulary associated with winter. These vocabularies were introduced in various ways: for example done as a memory game or an acting out game. After this we went outside for the outdoor game for an 45mins-1h: sledding. We came back for lunch, had a little rest then faced the project for the day. This was fun for us because we had to match the animal footprints to the animals. We also made animal footprint with shaving foam which was a bit messy but we were all excited.

Day 2 was even more fun because our project for this day was pretending to be a police officer who is attending to his client. Then, each of us had our sheets which had the column to take the detail of our pairs and fingerprints. Note that the names of all the finger were learned and sang in the morning along side with the vocabularies games (vocabularies based on detective: a detective, flashlight, secret, a magnifying glass and so on). After then, we also used our fingerprint to make animals like ants, fox,butterfly.

Day 3 was also exciting for us because we visited the BIOLOGICAL MUSEUM! We got there in good time and we immediately moved into action by answering the activities sheet which we brought with us. We reminded ourselves once again about the names of the animals which we learnt during our morning, then answered the questions on our sheets based on what we saw at the museum. At the end, each of us went home with our favourite animal toy.

Day 4 was the most exciting and interesting because the project was a bit different from the normal one. It was a Mystery Challenge with Elina. It was an exciting time for us because we were not allowed to discuss what our group did with any other person that is not in our group. This mystery challenge was done in three groups, one group at a time tackled the challenge while the others played vocabulary games.

The last day was Friday, which was the grand finale and of course most of us wanted the camp to continue! We went sledding again after our songs and vocabulary games. And the project for that day was to pretend to be in the on going Olympic games and there was a sheet for us to fill out with our details: name, age , country, the of game you are involve in the Olympics. We also drew ourselves participating/performing that game. Everything done during this time from songs to projects, story time (reading a book), games were all educational and they are all professionally linked together. And I believe it should be a continuous programme to build confidence in the children to use English language fluently.