Summer Circus – Day One

The morning started with games and songs, for example the banana song. That was our favourite! We also did the penguin song and the morning song. That was a bit difficult! Then we played What’s the time Mr Wolf and Head it & Catch it. We had Suvi, Amanda, Roosa and Sofie as our teachers. They were nice.

Then we went into three groups. In one group we played bingo and memory game and we learnt the names of the cards. There was circus words like fireworks, tickets, gymnast, acrobat, hoola hoop. In the other group group we learnt words like cotton candy, magician, safety net, tight rope walker, lion tamer and snake charmer. We also did pantomime, that was our favourite! But acting out hoola hoops was difficult.

Then it was lunch time. We ate spinach pancakes, with jam, cucumber and peas. It was good!

After lunch we had some free time. Everything was a bit messy after that! We were in the cave under the slide, we also went in the cheese pit, but there were too many people there so we didn’t want to be there all the time. It’s not real cheese, but kind of like “fluff puff” says L ???? Soft bits that you can jump onto. We also played the instruments and had a crazy choir! And played on the gym ladders and tried to do cart wheels inside the green crawling tube…

Then it was project time. We had to find the orange papers that had gymnast, clown and everything on them. Then we got a paper where there were pictures and blanks and when she showed the word we had to know which blank it goes in. After that we went outside!

There we played Monkey Football, and Wink Murderer, and Bunny Whoops. That is a brain game where you have to know the catch!

After the part timers left we had some free time. Then we had story time, Amanda read Elmer to us. It’s an elephant who is different to others and has many colours, but everyone else is grey. It was a happy story, because everyone was happy in the end and always when Elmer was there.

Then it was time for food again, we ate sandwiches and fruit.

After that we had a little bit of free time and then everyone started to go home!

By L 8 years, F 8 years and T 9 years, with a bit of help from Elina