Summer Circus – Days Two and Three

On Tuesday we started with morning songs, the banana song for example! We also did Early in the Morning, it’s about a bird who sings in the morning. We sang the Animal Song too, it tells about a crocodile, an eagle, a fox, a beaver, an orangutan, and a rabbit.

We did head it, catch it and wink murders. Our favourite is the wink murder and splat!

We ate vegetable soup and cottage cheese.

For the project we made lions, elephants and clown collars. We made the lion from a paper plate, which we coloured yellow and drew a lion’s face on it. The mane was made from coloured paper bits, which we glued on in every direction.

During story time Amanda read to us the book Snail and the Whale, in it a snail travels on a whale!

On Wednesday (that’s today) we started the morning again with songs, the pirate song, Tarzan and early in the morning. Most of us think early in the morning is the best one of these!

Some of us started learning new words in the vocabulary groups, and others kept practicing the old ones still. In the older kids’ group we played Hot Seats, and in the others for example bingo and musical bumps with cards.

Today’s project was a Circus Quiz. In that we had to answer some questions by choosing one of three answers. It was easy!

We ate pyttipannu today, but we don’t know what that is in English!

In the park we played with the colourful parachute and did splat! We also played cat and mouse with the parachute. We had some free time in the play park. Then we wrote the blog!

By: E 9, L 9, H 7, I 7 and A 8