Summer Circus – Days Four and Five

On Thursday we continued playing the circus vocabulary games and other games. Especially a game called ”What’s the time Mr. Wolf” was very popular among the children. We ate meatballs with mashed potatoes for lunch.

Our project of the day consisted of two activity points: face painting and magician’s balloons. Kids painted each others faces with help of teachers in the first activity point. Painted pictures were everything from beautiful ladybirds to amazing superhero masks.

In the second point they formed animals, like snakes and dogs, from magician balloons.

Friday was probably the highlight of the week. Kids visited the Circus School which they really loved and they got to eat hot dogs for lunch. Yum! There was also popcorn to snack on. Before kids started heading home (with a smile on their face) they got their well deserved camp certificates.

Overall, the week went by very fast and we all had fun. Kids learned new games, songs and lots of new words in English. Kids (and us, teachers) got to hang out with new people, in a new environment, which is always a nice change to regular everyday life.

The Circus Summer Camp was held in Mukkelis Makkelis, which is as a super nice and entertaining place for children. There are gymnast’s rings, a foam pit, a trapeze and wall bars, that the children couldn’t keep their hands off…

The nice weather and the great location of Mukkelis Makkelis allowed us to also play games outside in the park every day.

By Assistant Instructor Sofie