Week of Sport

This week our theme was sport, which we jumped into with 26 kids and four
instructors. We learned sport-related vocabulary in three small groups through
vocabulary games such as Down in the jungle and Bingo. We also sang a lot of
songs, “The Beaver Song” being everyone´s favourite.


On Monday we had taekwondo in the park, led by a taekwondo teacher. We all
enjoyed the nice, warm weather and fun activity. For lunch we had spinach
pancakes and jam.

For Tuesday´s project we had frisbeegolf in the park. The kids did super well
and seemed to enjoy both, the frisbeegolf and also the outdoor games at the
playground. For lunch we had pyttipannu.

Wednesday was a day for pasta and veggie sauce, which was really loved
among all of us! The project of the day was croquet.

On Thursday we had meatballs and mashed potatoes for everyone. As our
project we had a dancing lesson where kids got to learn a little choreography
and compete against each other on who could stay balanced for the longest
while only standing on one leg.

On Friday, the last day of the week, we did not have a vocabulary session at all.
Instead, we played music games such as “Music bucket” and “Musical statues”.
The project of the day was led by one of our instructors and it included some
football and running tasks. For lunch we had hot dogs, we got to eat as many as we

The week of sport was a week packed with energy and nice, fun things to
discover. The kids did very well and never failed to surprise us instructors with
their almost flaming energy, great ideas and positive feelings. What a week for
all of us!

By Assistant instructor Emilia