School of Magic II – Day One

We started by making a circle and singing a few songs. One was about animals, and then the penguin song and early in the morning. Our favourites were the penguin song and the animal song.

Then we had the sorting ceremony. We three got put in house one, named Phoenix.  We thought it was really fun and we were quite excited. The hat was funny but weird!

Then we first identified a bunch of cards and then we used them to play memory game and to act out the cards. We sang the booger song and whoever got the snot had to act a card out. There was phoenix, armour, magic potion, magical creatures, centaur and broom stick in the cards. Then we put them in a circle and we walked around and we sang a song and when the song stopped we stopped at a card and the teacher chose a card and who was standing at that card got the card!

Then it was time to eat, we had macaroni and tomato sauce. We thought the food was awesome and one of us thought it was okay!

In the project we had lots of characters from magical films and we had to match pictures to names and facts. It was quite easy, we knew the answer before the teacher had finished reading the fact!

Then we went outside and we played splat, monkey football, duck, duck, goose and head it catch it.

We had bread, with cheese, ham, cucumber and fruit for snack and then we had some free time. At the end we played bingo.

It was an amazing day, really good. The sorting hat was the best thing! And the songs and dances too! Everything was really fun, even though we ended up totally out of breath!

By E 9, V nearly 8, and E 10