School of Magic II – Days Two and Three

On Tuesday we played games, for example wink murder. It’s a nice game. We also played whispers, where we have to pass on a secret sentence and see how it turns out. We had a short morning circle and then headed out to collect twigs and branches that we later turned into wands and broomsticks.

After finishing the project we went outside to have a little photo shoot with all the magical equipment we made. The pictures turned out super good!

After that the part timers left and full timers continued with some board games and an afternoon snack.


On Wednesday we played the same games as Tuesday, because everyone wanted them! We sang early in the morning, which is quite hard. During free time we were making new friends.

The project was fimo clay, we made broomsticks and other magical things.
For lunch we had spinach pancakes, with jam cottage cheese, and cucumber.
We went outside just before the part timers left, we played with the parachute. Cat and mouse and fruit salad! We also did head it catch it.

It was a good day, espacially because we got new friends!

By T 12 years and V 9 years