School of Magic II – Days four and five

On Thursday morning we sang songs, early in the morning, animal song, and the penguin song. Early in the morning is the best song! They were fun but a bit embarrassing…  We played Uno and also did wink murders.

After that we split into group Phoenix and Eagle Cats. In our groups we did vocabulary. We did memory game, bingo and memory bingo! We had new words to learn in our group, they were cauldron, unicorn, dragon, castle, witch, wizard, castle, magic wand, and robes. They were a bit more difficult than the ones we had earlier.

For lunch we had meatballs and mashed potatoes, with lingonberry jab. It was good!

For the project we made a play. It was about Hermione and Hagrid messing up a spell so one of us turned into Yoda and one of us turned into a donkey and one of us was petrified.

On the last day, Friday, we started the morning with dancing! We played Uno again and had some free time. Then everybody went into a big circle, including the Spanish group. And we played games all together. For example musical buckets!

After the morning circle we split into our small groups and played vocabulary games. We did memorybingo and hot seats. In that we have to act out a word to our team member and one of us has to guess and the first one to guess gets the point.

For lunch we had hot dogs and ketchup. They were good!

Then we had a box challenge, where we tried to open boxes. There was hints which helped us open the number locks and direction locks. In the last box there was candies and other treats. It was fun because we were the fastest! But maybe it could have been even a bit more challenging!

After that some of us tried the bottle challenge. It’s from Harry Potter one, where Harry Potter almost kills Voldemort! It was about when he goes through the trap door and there he has to go through a bottle challenge to get to the room where they have the philosophers stone. In our challenge we had seven bottles, in three of them there was poison (not for real!), two were nettle wine, one would take you forward and one would take you back. With teamwork we solved it!

Then we ate all our candies and cookies and had some time for disco and dancing!

We also got our certificates.

This week was fun, because we made lots of friends and because the teachers were silly (They sang Let it go!) 😀

It was also fun because we learn new words in English and we got to do a bunch of fun projects!

By S 11 years, J 11 years and V almost 8 years