Scotland trip – post one


On Saturday we woke up so early that we were really tired! We had to be at the airport at 6am! Some people came from Turku by car in the night and others were at an airport hotel. We were feeling excited and tired! The flight went well, we slept and were reading books.

When we arrived in Scotland we went to the toilet! We also bought some snacks, for example crisps, bread, juice and fruit. Then we went to see the big Edinburgh sign and took a photo in front of it!

Then we went to the minibus and got here!

We had some activities, ball games and orienteering. They were fun and we liked them! Our instructor was Kat, she was funny and friendly.

We had jacket potatoes for lunch, and rice and sauce too!

We also met our groupies, Kristen, Maggie and Sam. Some of us noticed how Sam has nice legs! He should wear a skirt (or at least a kilt)!

In the evening we watched the movie Brave. It’s about a Scottish princess who doesn’t want to marry a boy but she wants to be by herself and at the beginning she didn’t like her mum but then she turned her into a bear and in the end she turned her back into a human!

We ended up being awake for 19 hours! We have a room with a French girl, she is lovely and very kind. In the same building there are also German, Italian and Chinese kids.


On Sunday we had archery. It was a very good activity, really fun! We did a game, where you got different points for different colours on the target, you even got some points if you missed the target! It was fun and easy, but we would’ve liked more shots!

We also had our first rope activities. In Catwalk you climb up into a tree and there’s a log between two trees up in the air and you walk and balance on it. It was scary, but easy. Nearly everyone did it but not everyone.

We had our English tests on Sunday too. We though they were easy, there was a part with answering questions (an interview about yourself) and a writing task. You had to write about your country, family and what you like.

In the evening we had Passport to the World, which was fun but exhausting! We had to orienteer to a place that was marked in the map and answer questions about a country there. For example “What’s the national animal of India?” and “What is a special instrument from Scotland?”.


On Monday we got placed into our activity groups. Nearly all of us were in different groups. There were mostly Chinese people in our groups and some Italians and Germans. Some of them were a different age than us, but they are fine!

In the English class we talked about climate change in one group, and listened to bird calls in another and the most advanced class we had a debate about modern technology. But we mostly talked about ourselves! We also started our projects, which are about things like Chinese food, Finland, sports, or Aboriginals.

We had activities, like vertical challenge, zip wire and problem solving. Vertical challenge is an activity where we climb up doing different challenges. It was fun, we liked it and some of us where fast too! Coming down was the hardest but also the best!

In the evening we had a quiz show. The Disney part was the best! We also like the music part. Tia was the best instructor, she was yelling the answers! She is so nice and funny and clever and sarcastic!

By I 11 years, S 11 years, J 13 years, and K 7 years