Scotland trip – post two


On Tuesday we went on the Harry Potter train, something we had all been looking forward to! The day started with us going in a minibus for a reaaaaally long time. Then we had a stop at Glenfinnan, to see a monument.

We climbed up the monument, it was nice and view was good! We also saw the bridge from Harry Potter films. We had a picnic near the bridge. We ate sandwiches and crisps. We had prawn cocktail and salt and vinegar!! Some of us liked salt and vinegar, the others didn’t. Not everyone liked the prawn cocktail either. Then we visited the shop. They sold all sorts of Harry Potter things. We bought some drinks and souvenirs, for example a Voldemort’s wand that was a pen.

Then we drove to Malaig, where we got on a steam train. It was exciting and excellent! There was even a trolley lady like in the films, saying “Anything from the trolley?”. Unfortunately they were out of chocolate frogs, but we bought some Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans. Some of them were a bit bleugh!

We loved being on the train and took lots of photos! Especially going over the Harry Potter bridge was exciting. The day finished with a bus ride back to camp, that was sooo long, all the way from Fort William! We had to many stops for weewee on the way!

By L 8 years and S 13 years


On Wednesday we had activities. For example Zip wire and Challenge course. “First we waited a second and they showed how the ropes go, then I said I wanna be first and then the man clipped the ropes. Then he asked be some questions, like where I’m from. Then he counted one, two three and pushed me so that I flew to the other side on the wire” S says. “I saw everything and the wind was in my face”.

On challenge course first we went through the obstacles and tour leader helped us. Then everybody got to go though them by themselves. Then we had a competition of how many times you can go through the obstacles in 10 minutes. The best was four and a half, by one of our group! Then we got split into pairs and one of got blindfolded and the other person got a glass of water to hold. In the end the pair with the least water in their cup had everyone else’s water thrown on them! It soon changed into a water fight!!

In class we continued working on our projects.

In the evening we had a Scotland night special activity with different clans. For dinner we also got to try special Scottish food, haggis, neeps and tatties. We all tasted it but most of us thought it was too peppery!

By S 11 years


On Thursday we went on an excursion to Blair Athol. We took a bus there and it wasn’t too far. It is an old castle with a lot of history! We were first told a little bit about it and then we got to walk through the castle and the grounds.

There were all sorts of interesting things inside, lots of weapons and also a stuffed polar bear! In the grounds there were deer and beautiful gardens. We also visited the gift shop and bought a few souvenirs.

In the evening most of us were too tired to take part in the evening activity so we got a chill out and watch a Harry Potter film instead. It was the Chamber of Secrets, so we saw the bridge that we had visited the day before.

By Elina (the leader, because all the kids were busy getting ready for disco night!)