Scotland trip – post three

On Saturday we were in Edinburgh! Before getting on the train we went to a Beatrix Potter garden and shop in Birnam. The main house of our campsite used to be her summer house!

We went to a Harry Potter escape room. We had to release the dark lord. We did that by collecting clues, doing different tasks and then got objects that were needed for the spell. We did well, we finished with one second left. It was fun and at the same time a bit scary.

We also went shopping! We bought T-shirts, Harry Potter merch, Star Wars, manga, and stuff like that in merch shops. Then we went to eat some pizza and pasta.

On the way back we lost one bag of shopping with six T-shirts inside! (Luckily, we got it back later!)

After the trip most of us changed groups, we became “indies”. It means we are in groups with only the British children and being looked after by the centre staff! It’s been fine but at first it was a a bit (not just a bit but reeeally) annoying to be watched all the time. Last week was more free! Our roommates were really talkative, but funny and kind and that kind of stuff.

This week we didn’t have English lessons, only activities. We have done a lot of rope activities, like zip wire, vertical challenge, giant swing, climbing and abseiling. We’ve also canoeing, archery, sensory trail, nature train, quad bikes. Giant swing and canoeing were the best!

The weather was BAD, two days it was really hot but otherwise rainy and cloudy.

We all think that the first week was best, but the second week was good too! During the first week we loved the brilliant weather, good talks, and the international people!

The people were the best part (I’m gonna cry!), new friends, activities and getting more brave at speaking English and learning more English overall! And, and, and breakfast!!

We want to come again next summer!

By J nearly 13, I 11 and S 11 years old