Winter Fun 2019 – Monday and Tuesday

When we arrived on Monday the morning we played games like Uno and tumbling tower. We also did some drawings and hama beads.

When the part-timers arrived at 10, we started in a circle and played games, sang songs and we also had vocabulary games. We played bingo, memory game and scarf game. After that we had free time. We built a Lego house with the big Lego pieces. We also jumped in the cheese pit. Then we had lunch, which was spinach pancakes and jam, it was good.

After lunch we went outside. There we had our project of the day, which was a scavenger hunt. We played games outside. Head it, catch it was fun.

We came back inside and played some more group games, such as fruit salad and what’s the time mister wolf and sang some more songs. After that the part-timers left, and we had our afternoon snack. For snack we had bread and fruit. After the snack we had a story time and we read a book called ’night monkey, day monkey’. Then we had some more free time before we all went home.

By E 10 years old and L 10 years old.

On Tuesday in the morning we played Twister. When the part-timers arrived, we started the day with the morning circle. We played name games. Then we sang songs, the animal song and the Tarzan song. Then we played the wink murderer and we really liked it. We also played vocabulary games, including memory bingo, dominoes and hot seats.

Then we had some free time. For lunch we had macaroni bake with some vegetables. The food was really good. After lunch we had our project which included different animals and their footprints. We even got to make our own slime. After the project we played different group games. My favourite was  monkey football, says L. M really liked playing floorball.

We had our snack and after that we had story time. The we played some board games.

By L 10 years old and M 10 years old.