Winter Fun 2019 – Wednesday to Friday

On Wednesday we first played games and sang songs. Some of us did hama beads and drawings. We had vocabulary games, bingo and memory game and hot seats. The we had lunch which was meatballs and mash potato. The food was OK. After lunch we had free time.

We had Winter Olympics. We had different relay races where we had to race with stick unicorns and we also slingshotted pigs. That was fun.

After our project we played some games with the parachute. Our favourite game was the cat and mouse. We also sang songs before the part-timers left. Then we had snack and story time.

Our favourite thing about today was the Winter Olympics and story time.

By E 10 years old and L 10 years old.

First we started our Thursday morning regularly with games and songs. Unfortunately, Suvi, our instructor was sick so we had Catherine come and do the activities with us. For lunch we had macaroni with vegetarian sauce made with soy. It was medium good. Our project of the day was going for a walk and searching for things based on pictures. We found some interesting things we wanted to look at for a loooong time. After walking we went to the park for a while to play some games. Then we had snack with the part-timers and some free time.

On Friday morning the sun shone brightly while we played games, drew pictures and waited for the part-timers to come. In our song circle we sang our favourite songs -Animal song, Beaver song, Tarzan, Banana song and Pirate song- with our instructors. We also played wink murderer and 1,2,3 Look! Before heading to the hall to celebrate Friday with some musical games.

Next we played vocabulary games with Olavi, BINGO and Hot Seats being our favourites. For lunch we had hot dogs and for dessert some popcorn and marshmallows. Then we had free time. After free time we took the parachute and the ball with us to go outside. We played games such as fruit salad (parachute version) and tried to play head-it-catch-it but the ball was frozen thanks to the cold temperature. We came up with the idea to play “peili” since running was out of question because of the ice.

We got back inside, played games and talked about the past week. We also got our certificates! We thought everything was fun! Playing together and eating good food was super great!

After the part-timers left, we had some snack and then wrote this.

We had a fun week!

By E 10 years old and S 7 years old