England Trip – Post One

We headed out to England on Saturday! We met up at the airport at 11 am and all the parents got to say goodbye! Then we went to get some lunch. We were hanging out at the gate because we were really early. Some of us were playing games, others were listening to music. The flight went pretty well! Some of us sat at the front of the plane, others at the back. At the back of the plane there weren’t so many people so we had some extra space!

Then we arrived at Heathrow! We had to walk a ton and wait a while! We just sat on our luggage and ate sandwiches. Elina kept trying to see when our driver would turn up!

We have three younger kids in the group and four teens. Some of us have been learning English for a couple of years and others for longer, so we have a lot of different levels.

When we arrived here the place was so big that it really surprised us! It has a really beautiful view of the ocean and some islands opposite, for example Portland (a big ass island!). The rooms are big enough for four people, as our group has been split into girls and boys. Elina gets her own room because she is the group leader.

The food is too much like fast food. Today for lunch we had hot dogs and nachos with salsa! It’s pretty tasty, but quite sweet.

The first activity was to have a test which decides which line we go into. It was easier for us older kids, but the younger ones don’t really know how to write English yet so it was a bit more challenging for them.

The overall feeling is nice, so far everything seems really nice! Apart from our loud Spanish neighbors! We are looking forward to getting new friends and having good weather. Mornings are quite chilly but it get warmer in the afternoon. Even hot when there are no clouds!

By J 13 and S 14