England Trip – Post Two

On Monday morning some of us had dragon boats. It was fun! We went there on a coach (that’s a bus for long distances!). There were a lot people and different types of boats, sailboats etc. It’s a long boat, which the whole group rows together. It was pretty easy! We got a little bit wet too. We had a few races on the boats too.

Others had abseiling and tunnel trail. Abseiling is when there is a tall tower and you have a harness on and you climb up the tower on the steps and then you step over the edge and they lower you on the ropes and you walk down the tower. Tunnel trail is an activity where there are tunnels and pipes underground and you go in them! You can also play hide and seek!

In the afternoon we had English lessons. There we learn English, new things, and work on our project. We also have listening things. We also write things and work in pairs.

On Monday night we had the camp fire. There we danced and sang songs! There was a song about a llama, who is happy and sad, and totally rad, and a super llama and a drama llama and a big fat mama llama 😀 It was fun because the instructors were so funny!

On Tuesday we went to Bath! Not a bath where you wash yourself but the city called Bath! It is called Bath because there was Roman baths there more than a thousand years ago. We walked around the museum and got a radio which told us what everything was. It was pretty cool! We also took pictures. Then we went shopping. We bought scrunchies for our hair, and some of us also bought make up and smaller kids got toys. The day was fun but the trip there a very long!

In the evening we were outside with friends, who were Italian. We also watched a film called UP! It was fun with a happy ending.

By E 13 and I 13