England Trip – Post Three

On Wednesday most of us had classroom in the morning. We were working on the project. One of us does it on Queen Elizabeth, one on Finnish culture and one on skateboarding. We were also talking about the best and worst jobs in the world. The younger ones do a different project. Some of them do a project where they introduce themselves or a character they made up.

In the afternoon one of us had classroom. His project is on geometry dash (a video game) and he does it with his Polish friend and the friend’s sister. Others had activities, for example giant swing. It was super fun! Everyone pulls a rope and when the rope is done you are at the top, then you pull a rope to SWING!!! It hurts a bit because the harness is so tight and you sit in it for so long! But it’s worth it!

In the evening we went to the beach. And we swam! And then we were like riding on the waves! It was so fun, but a little bit cold. It’s a weird beach, it’s not sand but small stones. Most of us were just walking in the water and then our clothes got wet so we just dipped in and got back looking like wet rats and we had sand everywhere!

On Thursday we went to Corfe Castle. It was a cool place. We liked being there. It was on a really, really, high hill. It was just big old rocks! And it was really hot, but it also started raining. You got to go around by yourself. We had fun there!

On Thursday night we went to the beach again. We buried each other in the stones!! And one of us had spiders and bugs all over her!!!

By T 8, K 8, L 9, J 13, S 14