England Trip – Post Four

Most of our group are doing a Multi Activity holiday this week, not with other international students anymore, but with local British children and teens. They have three to four different adventure activities a day, and an evening activity on top of that. So a lot of things to do, and a lot more English spoken than last week! Since we are all scattered around the centre and couldn’t get together to write the blog all our teens have been sent a few questions to answer. Let’s see what they have said!

What’s the name of your new building?

S 14 yrs: I dont remember

E 14 yrs: My new building name is Beleaze Cove

J 13 yrs: No idea

I 13 yrs: Building name is beleaze core maybe

Elina adds: S and J are in Charmouth and E and I in Bowleaze Cove

What are your roommates like?

S 14 yrs: My roommates are funny and nice

E 14 yrs: My roommates and group leader are nice

I 13 yrs: They are so nice

Is your group leader fun? Why?

S 14 yrs: My groupleader is funny because she is funny

J 13 yrs: Yes. hes super chill and likes to joke around with us

I 13 yrs: He is so fun and nice. I don’t know why but he’s looks a bit like barbie doll hahah

What has been your favourite activity in your new group?

S 14 yrs: My favourite activity in my new group is absolutly sailing

E 14 yrs: My favourite activitys are jacobb’s ladder, abseiling and giant swing

J 13 yrs: Rifles or archery

I 13 yrs: Jacobs ladder and giant swing

What has not been so fun?

S 14 yrs: Orienteering in rain wasn’t very fun

E 14 yrs: Raft building has not been so fun because we got wet and come really cold

J 13 yrs: Drama between people

I 13 yrs: Raft building. It’s so boring!

What did you have for breakfast today?

S 14 yrs: We had today baked beans, sausages, bread, porridge and cereal

E 14 yrs: I ate today for breakfast apple, scrambled eggs, weetabix and bread. (And today we tried for breakfast to put jam on white bread. It is special and sweet)

J 13 yrs: Yoghurt and toast

I 13 yrs: Bread& jam, scramble eggs, apple, cereal

Only a few days left in England, how do you feel about that?

S 14 yrs: I can’t wait to go home

E 14 yrs: In here has been really nice but it’s nice to go back home

J 13 yrs: HELL YEAH! nice cuz im homesick already

I 13 yrs: After all it’s nice to go home, but it’s really fun here