International Agents

Kielikoulu ELF is a Turku, Finland –based children’s language school running weekly courses and holiday camps in Southwest Finland. In addition to our regular camps we are always happy to co-operate with international agents in launching new international camps for Finnish children, or hosting foreign visitors on camps in Finland or overseas. We can organise camps with a creative educational curriculum with or without formal English tuition. Below you will find a brief overview of our operations and pedagogy in English. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss any ideas regarding language camps in Finland or overseas, short courses, weekly programmes or any other type of regular or one-off event.

Kielikoulu ELF

Kielikoulu ELF offers diverse opportunities for learning English from immersion programmes for daycare-aged children, afternoon groups for school-aged children, holiday camps both during summer and winter as well as private tutoring. Our pedagogy is based on the idea that learning can be fun, which is why we include plenty of games, songs and activities in our lessons while keeping in touch with the latest knowledge on Second Language Learning.

Our Pedagogy

Our teaching favours the holistic approach of Finnish pedagogy that emphasises the children’s healthy growth both as learners and as individuals. We strongly believe that the most effective way to learn is to combine enjoyable activities with quality teaching. This is why our methods incorporate plenty of project work, songs and games. Aside from the enhanced effectiveness of enjoying learning, these methods are a perfect way to encourage interaction. Interacting with others is the most important ingredient in learning to communicate fluently in English. Thus Kielikoulu ELF methods are based on the idea of learning actively together with others. Our aim is to build and nurture the courage that is necessary to communicate in a foreign language and this requires a natural and stress-free learning environment.

Our more specific methods are rooted in the latest knowledge on Second Language Learning, and are practically oriented. We believe that connecting a piece of information or a new skill to a concrete action, image or sound makes learning and memorising easier. For example, if you repeat a word that is particularly difficult to pronounce often enough in a song, you will learn it faster than you would by rote learning activities which can be both difficult and boring for a child. Or if you use a set of new words in a game you will remember them more easily than by trying to memorise the words as a list. To us, language learning is natural, interactive and fun. This combination helps you become a competent speaker of English but also brings about personal development: working in a group and gaining the courage to speak boosts your confidence and enhances your general communication skills.

Teaching methods during our camps

Formal language teaching is only one part of our teaching repertoire: during our camps English is the language for communication and will be learnt during all activities, projects as well as during cultural exchanges with Finnish students. English teaching at our camps can be divided into three optional blocks with different methodical approaches: formal English lessons, educational projects and activities instructed with a content and language integrated method and excursions to places of interest, with English-speaking guides and tasks in English. The amount of teaching and the ratio of components may vary depending on the camp programme.